Drama on the dam

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It was an ordinary day of angling on MacLure’s Dam in Murray River recently, that is until a boat overturned, leaving two anglers stranded.

David MacLeod, a well known sport fisher from Murray River, was heading west towards the old golf course bridge that day in his aluminium craft when he said he heard someone shouting.

It’s not unusual for fishers set up along the causeway to express their jubilation loudly when they hook a large rainbow trout. But the voices were in the distance and not behind Mr MacLeod.

As he got closer to the bridge Mr MacLeod could see one man standing on the shore and another on top of a capsized boat in about the middle of the dam.

Getting closer Mr MacLeod quickly realized their dilemma and his time for trolling quickly changed to a rescue.

The first task was to get the fishers safely on board his boat. In ordinary circumstances the obvious approach would be to upright the overturned crafts. This however, wasn’t possible so instead the men decided to try and tow it upside down to land.

All was going well until Mr MacLeod’s electric motor gave out.

The only alternative at that point was to paddle their way in.

The two fishers, who Mr MacLeod said, were none the worse for the wear were apparently from the Kensington area. Their identity is not known, even after repeated calls by The Graphic to fishers in that community.

The contents of the disabled craft were lost overboard - a lawn chair, electric motor, battery, fishing gear, cellphone etc which all sank to the bottom. Most, if not all, was retrieved the following day.

Mr MacLeod said he had no idea what caused the boat to overturn but all ended well and no one was hurt or worse.

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