noose snare

No charges will be laid following an incident where a Golden Retriever suffered undisclosed injuries after becoming caught in a snare on November 25 east of Souris.

Conservation officers found the dog was at large and the snare was on private property and met regulations.

As part of the investigation the officers would ensure the necessary trapping laws were followed, according to the Department of Justice and Public Safety.

A biologist with Fish and Wildlife, Garry Gregory said, “All traps need to be permanently marked with the trapper’s identification number which allows for conservation officers to investigate potential infractions.”

Specific regulations apply to snares.

Snares are a noose type of device typically made from steel wire which the trapper attaches to a standing tree or make-shift devices that anchors it in place.

Trappers are required to check snares every 48 hours. Setting a snare within the highway right of way is not permitted and a snare cannot be set within 200 metres of a residence without the owner’s permission. If it is a baited the setback is 300 metres.

Mr Gregory said putting any type of trap on private land requires the owner’s permission.

“It is worth noting the majority of instances where a domestic dog is caught in a snare are cases where the dog is at large,” he said.

Even so, extensive review of public lands was undertaken a couple of years ago and from that Mr Gregory said several properties where public use was high were identified. Trapping is now prohibited in those locations.

“It was a recognition that certain areas of the province have intensive use by people hiking who like to take their dogs along,” Mr Gregory said.

A partial list of these areas can be found at or by calling your local forestry district office.

The dog’s owner was not available for comment.

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