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Kings District RCMP saw one person charged with impaired driving in December.

In the first meeting of the Town of Three Rivers in 2020, council heard an RCMP report from Sergeant Chris Gunn.

Sgt Gunn attributed the reduced number to increased check stops and the police being more visible.

“If they see us they are aware we are looking for impaired drivers,” Sgt Gunn said, noting the number of reports of impaired drivers in December was also down to five calls in the Three Rivers region.

“It shows that our check points are out there on the weekends. People are looking for us and making that smart alternative to arrange a drive home or plan to stay somewhere,” he said.

Seven check stops were carried out in Three Rivers last month adding to the total of 30 within the Kings District.

Mayor Ed MacAulay asked how the local detachment handles calls from the public regarding speeding.

“Usually when we assign an investigator (to a complaint), the investigator patrols that area on top of their other duties. Lately, depending on the file management of the office, if we get a chance we will also assign proactive policing efforts around enforcement,” Sgt Gunn said.

Councillor David McGrath asked Sgt Gunn about discussions from the fall about road safety for the local Amish population when driving their buggies on the road.

The sergeant said a meeting was held with two Amish leaders and snow plow operators from Bridgetown to discuss how the plows deal with horses and buggies on the road.

Sgt Gunn said the last two collisions involving horses and buggies were the fault of motor vehicle operators. In one instance the driver of the vehicle was impaired and in the second incident the driver did not fully clear their vehicle's windows.

“The Amish are obeying the ways of the road. Unfortunately some people do not,” he said.

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