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Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff.

Off-Island residents who own property on PEI can ‘apply’ to cross the Confederation Bridge. Only a limited number will be allowed to cross the great divide at any given time.

Meanwhile thousands of masked Islanders gathered Friday evening in a fantastic show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

As the Sesame Street jingle goes: One of these things is not like the other; One of these things just doesn’t belong; Can you tell which thing is not like the others; By the time I finish my song?

The earworm implanted by the province’s leaders isn’t quite so catchy these days.

Wash your hands, wear a mask, wipe this, wipe that, disinfect everything, don’t sing, follow the arrows. You get the picture.

Any inkling of common sense has been sterilized by the bleaches that have become part of our everyday lives.

People are afraid to question the so-called process. Is it any wonder? Challenging the status quo will likely find you standing alone in a kangaroo court to be chastised by public scrutiny.

An airplane was reported to have landed at Slemon Park recently. People got off. Some members of the public saw this take place.

Suspicions heightened and word spread like wildfire on social media.

Paranoia or well-founded concern about off-Islanders slipping through the borders without authorization? Is this really what it come to?

Someone else suggested seasonal visitors be required to apply stickers to their vehicle, much like those used by car dealers, to show when their quarantine period ended.

How in the name of anything that remains logical would that help anyone but the snitchers slinking in the shadows eager to report any off-Island licence plate to the authorities.

A CTV report on the weekend showed extensive damage from an electrical storm in the Fredericton, New Brunswick region. A resident, commenting on the state of affairs, wondered if this and catastrophic events around the world might be related to global warming or perhaps even the pandemic.

Regardless of the cause it’s people’s states of mind that’s most worrisome in the present day.

The mantra ‘We’re all in this together’ is foreboding.

Countless small businesses are on the brink of permanent closure, people are turning against one another and we have a fishing industry that strongly impacts the Island economy going through the motions.

We are anything but together.

Heather Moore is editor of The Eastern Graphic. She can be reached at editor@peicanada.com

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(3) comments


That was an excellent article Heather. A lot of good points to ponder. Thanks.


The steps the federal and provincial governments took to 'fight' this pandemic have done two things that I think we need to be very concerned about. First, the sudden erosion of our civil liberties and of democratic government. Our prime minister is ruling by decree, with the support of a shadowy executive council. It suits his personality perfectly but it is not democratic and it has gone on long enough. Here on the island an unelected civil servant was granted sweeping powers while our premier stayed home and let Dr. Heather Morrison run the show. Once government obtains more power or increases taxes it never, ever relinquishes any of it. The second serious issue is that - much as you have pointed out - prolonging 'lockdown' seriously creates a sense of us versus them. The virtuous germ-fearing, mask-wearing, virus obsessing versus those who don't tow the line, don't feel at risk and want life to get back to normal. And here it's creating an islander versus the alien reaction. The binding glue of this country is that a lot of very different, very diverse people work together and get along together. Fostering an atmosphere of 'we're doing it right' and 'you're doing it wrong' with suspicion about the stranger, the off-islander... the other! Well, we all know where that attitude in the hands of an authoritarian, or intrusive government can lead a society.


Excellent article and what many want to say but they aren't. It could be due to lack of knowledge of covid19 , lack of research. dependant on someone to tell them what to do or not do or other reasons. It is sad and frustrating for so many and on so many levels to see things go backwards and not for humanity's benefit. Thank you for writing this and it would be great if more people use their positions to write their thoughts on the issue since it is still a free country and free speech is still available. Where are all the reporters and MLA's when we need them?

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