St James

Parishioners in Georgetown are raising funds to make their church basement easier to access.

Sid McMullan volunteers at St. James Parish. He has noticed folks with mobility issues have a hard time descending the staircase to the parish’s basement for various functions as well as the bathrooms.

Now the church is working towards installing a new stair lift for the 16-step flight of stairs leading to the church basement.

“One thing we noticed in the parish is sometimes we have a wake in the basement and some of the family members find it very difficult to get down the stairs,” Mr McMullan.

The new lift has been in the works for the past three months. Members of the parish have donated some funds and a quote for the lift was provided by Harding Medical in Charlottetown. The total cost is quoted at $10,545, plus the cost to have an electrician wire it.

“Nine out of 10 people might not need it but the one person who does, it’s nice to have it for them,” Mr McMullan said.

He noticed some folks also stopped going to Bingo because of the steep staircase.

There are less challenging stairs at the back of the building with an outdoor access and the pathway to the door isn’t paved.

More than $1,200 has been donated to the project so far and Mr McMullan said the church will host a prize lottery in the coming months to raise more money.

The parish hosts Bingo on Friday evenings where folks can win a variety of prizes and cash. Proceeds go back to the parish and in turn will help fund the new lift.

Anyone wishing to donate prizes to Bingo or make a monetary donation is asked to call 902-652-2429.

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