Is there any difference between wearing a costume to impersonate someone and wearing it to mock him or her? I think so, but neither Canadian politicians nor the media seem able to distinguish.

Hopefully, Canadian voters will because your prime minister is not racist. His record speaks for itself. To see a real racist in power, you have to cross the border into my country and look for Trump.

Why would anyone want to run for public office and take the abuse PM Trudeau took this week for attending a costume party years ago as Aladin? He wanted to appear authentic, not ridicule anyone.

Political correctness has run amok, and common sense lies dying in the street.

Margo Redmond

St. Peter’s Harbour (seasonally)

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I think the point is that it wasn't 'years ago' in any real sense. Justin Trudeau was 29 years old at the time, an adult and a teacher. It was only eighteen years ago which is not the deepest, benighted past. He should have known that indulging his taste in theatrics by blackening his face was in poor taste. I wouldn't have done that in 2001 and none of my friends would have. You ask 'who would want to be prime minister?' - The answer is a rich little princeling who is more than a bit odd but who believed his last name and his pretty face entitled him to become PM. And for many of us, the idea that leadership in this country is an inherited, aristocratic privilege is unacceptable. If you had had one Kennedy after another as president you would, as an American, have felt the same way. Especially if each successive one had about as much political experience, self-awareness and honesty as Trudeau had - which is to say, not much at all.

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