Sean MacDougall

Being inundated with information in times of crisis can be exhausting. Having constant alerts and notifications from your phone giving you that near-hourly update can start to drain on your mental state.

So, what do we do when we need to take a break from it all?

There are so many ways to keep our minds occupied on something aside from that information overload. Recently there’s been many folks live-streaming various ideas to engage with others such as workout and yoga sessions to live concerts. Some have even taken to singing from their balconies in certain corners of the globe.

For the more introverted at heart, there are a number of ‘evergreen’ podcasts to listen to. Evergreen refers to something that isn’t tied to current events and can be enjoyed at any time.

Books are of course a classic go-to as well. Delving into the pages of a horror or adventure novel can keep one preoccupied for days.

Let’s not forget the classic jigsaw puzzle.

The fact of the matter is a balance of being informed and relaxed is important to keeping a healthy mental state. There are many approaches to relieve stress and anxiety off our minds. You’ll know if something works the moment you’ve found it. The feeling of a weight lifting, if only for a moment.

In trying times, we must strive for respite during the goings-on of our lives.

Sean MacDougall

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