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My letter regarding the complaint of new keys to a distant mailbox deserves a follow-up regarding the result of my actions.

After sending a complaint to Canada Post, which I was told would be answered about September 15, I heard from CBC Radio the next day, then from an official at Canada Post who told me I’d be given keys to the last location of my mailbox.

An hour later he said he could do better and keys would to be sent to the closest mailbox across the street.

I was satisfied.

Sean Casey, MP for Charlottetown, emailed to ask if his intervention had helped and I said, yes but there are many seniors who are being given mailboxes further away than they can walk.

Val MacLean still had the problem of the distant mailbox. She called Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay who returned her call and promptly she was given keys to the closest mailbox.

In conclusion, the lesson is for you to be able to walk and pick up mail at the closest mailbox you must ask your MP to work on the problem. Canada Post cannot figure it out and believes we all drive for our mail every week or two. The idea of walking to the nearest one is beyond their concept of mail service.

Lynne Thiele,


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