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Dear Mr MacNeill,

I cannot disagree strongly enough with you and your op-ed, ‘Bevan-Baker ditches smart for unseemly’. We are in the midst of a worldwide catastrophe the likes of which the world has not experienced since at least the Second World War. This is not a matter which should be taken lightly and to be attacking the opposition leader for doing his job, while you shill for the PCs is truly unseemly.

The United States is struggling mightily with the pandemic as we all know, but do you know who is doing the best down south? The little backwater counties that are mostly cut off from the rest of the country.

Sound familiar? Is it so disturbing to suggest Islanders might just like to stay safe? I know I prefer safe.

We are on the one hand asked to social distance and do the right things regarding this plague, and yet also accept outsiders entering our safe zone because we are ‘a province that fancies itself civil and welcoming’.

Shame on you Paul for using the niceness of people against themselves!

Islanders are good and friendly. They are also pragmatic. And they realize if their wee island home is pestilence free why would we chance changing that? And, like New Zealand, if we did the unspeakable and wall ourselves off we could already have every business, school, church, hospital, etc wide open for business. But because we have not closed ourselves off we must live in continual fear of the moment we might let COVID in. Imagine being absolutely free to do what we want and how we want.

I would humbly suggest more businesses would do better having already been fully open than to have onerous restrictions placed upon them. Further, to have our premier lecture us on cottagers being Islanders too! Balderdash. By definition they live somewhere else and holiday here. If I owned a timeshare in Hawaii would I be a Hawaiian?

Beyond that, why did the premier limit the opening only to cottagers? Seems a fairly privileged and well heeled group to bestow such an honour. I am suspecting there aren’t many welfare recipients on that list. Just a bit of elitism going on there if you ask me. Or don’t poor lives matter too?

Finally Paul, although I do find the term gaslighting does fit our dear premier, I would suggest a better term for Mr King would be ‘autocrat’. I do not believe most folk on the Island approve of his handling of this issue, but he is going to do what he thinks is right as befits a fellow of his surname.

I have found your editorials to be insightful and informative in general. Unfortunately, this piece, discussing the most important event in lifetimes is muddled and misdirected. As our fourth column, I believe you are entrusted with a huge responsibility to both inform the public and scrutinize those elected to govern. Time to live up to your byline sir.


Greg Pendragon,

St. Louis, PEI

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