Only a year and a half ago, Noah Manning won the PEI High School Powerlifting Championship and now the 19-year old St Charles resident is one of the best junior lifters on the planet.

Manning won Gold in the 85 kg weight class at the World Championships in Calgary on the weekend.

“He’s (Noah) right there at the top now for someone to knock off and it’s not going to be an easy task,” Coach Larry LeBlanc said.

Fellow Gold Medal winner and coach, LeBlanc, couldn’t be more proud of Manning's achievements and his own.

The two athletes were among more than 200 powerlifters from around the globe competing at Canada Olympic Park in Alberta.

Manning won over competitors from Australia and Ireland.

He lifted 228 kg in squat, 123 kg in bench and 265 kg deadlift, adding to his own national and world records.

In the thick of the competition on Friday evening, Manning realized it was going to be close.

“I knew after doing my squat; I beat the guys I was up against,” he said.

“Bench press was where I figured one was going to beat me and he did, not by much though and I beat them both on deadlift.”

Olympic Park is a far cry from the auditorium at Souris Regional School, but that didn’t phase the young athlete.

“I wasn’t too nervous,” he said. “I just treated it like any other competition - when I was doing my lifts I felt fine.”

Manning also took a Silver Medal in the open competition.

The Gold Medal winner in that division was 32-years old so he had a few more years of experience under his belt.

Manning's matchups took place in the evening, which isn't something he is used to and the proceedings seemed to move along at a faster pace.

“If I was there by myself it would have been more stressful I think,” Manning said of having his coach with him.

LeBlanc competed the following day.

He admitted he was exhausted going in after coaching late into the evening on Friday, but he remained determined to focus on his own goals.

LeBlanc was the only one in his age group, however he finished sixth in the open category.

“I went out with a plan in mind and fell a little bit short on it but my squat and bench were higher and the deadlift was even so my total was higher,” he said.

LeBlanc's final numbers were squat 192.5 kg, bench 122.5 kg and deadlift 205 kg.

“It was a great week,” LeBlanc said. “I got to meet some great people from a lot of different countries.”

LeBlanc says he will be back again next year.

Manning's plan forward is to take one meet as a time. He expects there will be a qualifier in April 2020.

The men are members of Team Indy Powerlifting Club in Souris.

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