Sean MacDougall

Volunteering is a tough sell for some folks. It’s understandable. The cost of living is going up, people have to work multiple jobs to pay the bills and it seems like less and less time in the day is “our time”.

Volunteering is a crucial element for so many things in our community. Whether it be helping run a local sports club, museum, or coaching a kid’s team, volunteering does much more than embellish one’s resume.

Recently, Montague High School had all the students pour through the cafeteria and chat with folks from various organizations about volunteering with them. The students were able to chat with everyone from 4-H about volunteering for STEM related projects, to Inclusions East to help those with special needs.

As a teenager I was in the local army cadets in my hometown. The 3036 Core was a lot of fun because I learned a lot of useful skills and I had to volunteer in my community. In retrospect it would be great to see more kids join cadets or a similar organization solely because of the skills you learn and the volunteering effort you have to make.

Volunteering is something that benefits all of the community. While there is no remuneration, the dividends paid are the connections you can build with people. Whether you are a history and genealogy enthusiast volunteering at a museum, a book lover ensuring the shelves of the library are neatly organized or if you’re running the canteen at the local lawn tractor races, every little bit of volunteering contributes to the glue holding our communities together.

Now to contradict myself I currently do not volunteer anywhere. Forgive me as I’m still finding my bearings around my new home.

Volunteering may not seem like your cup of tea, I’ll repeat some wise words I heard again recently. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Sean MacDougall

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