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I’m leery of words that end in ‘ism’. For the most part they have suggested something negative. I have difficulty understanding racism, for example. Any word that takes two inches of stacked paper to explain provides too many opportunities to twist and to turn ... to shape and to form like putty. Complexities forcing you into that rabbit hole. Combine that word with injustice, racial injustice, and that rabbit hole you just climbed down, in an attempt to explain, in a wink has transformed into a bottomless abyss.

I believe in common sense. But you can’t legislate common sense.

I understand white hot, that white hot that sears ... the anguish and pain a mother feels trying to explain to her children why their father will not be coming home. Or one man slowly jamming the life out of another man in real time. And yet again, another man, in full flight and defenceless, stumbling to the ground after two bullets ripped through him. Both men of colour.

And when that white-hot cools, two men will be left to explain, must come to terms with, with open mind and honest heart, not how, but why another man died at his hands. That’s clear. I understand that.

I understand a moving pendulum eventually settles, swinging to the left, swinging to the right with noisy arguments with so little relevance.

I believe in different cultures, different ideas, different beliefs, and different colours. But one and only one race.

We need to embrace and accept one race. And only then will that white-hot sear cool and that pendulum settle and find rest. And we can eliminate that word racism. Together with that two-inch stack of paper. I understand that. That’s clear.

CD MacDonald,

Little Pond, PEI

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