Charlotte MacAulay

As winter sets in Island roads at times will become treacherous and motorists will be obliged to take more care in getting from point A to B.

Slushy roads and white-out conditions are among the many challenges.

The decision to stay off the roads in inclement weather is usually an easy one to make. It is only common sense.

But where is that common sense when individuals ignore their own impaired condition and take to the road after drinking or taking drugs?

The conditions are just as treacherous and the impaired driver isn’t the only one at risk.

The rest of the travelling public is endangered as well.

There are no circumstances that make impaired driving okay.

First and foremost individuals should see impaired driving as wrong, for the simple reason it puts innocent people in jeopardy.

One would think that fact alone would keep people from getting behind the wheel in an inebriated state.

However, the stats show there is still a problem, as even with all the consequences in place for convicted drivers, there continues to be repeat offenders.

In the past decade more than 450 individuals were repeat offenders.

In 2018 a total of 234 drivers were charged for impaired driving on PEI roads.

That number is the lowest since the breathalyzer was introduced in 1967, but it is nothing to celebrate.

Even one impaired driver is too many.

Charlotte MacAulay

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