Victim speaks

Andrew Charles Dean, 29, sat in Georgetown Provincial Court last week listening to the emotional and financial devastation he caused a family after breaking into their cottage. He stole a large quantity of items and left the property in shambles.

“Our cottage is now a place of worry disarray and anxiety,” the victim read from the stand in an impact statement submitted to the court.

The list of stolen items included: a refurbished antique tub, washer and dryer, stained glass window, several pieces of furniture, two motorcycles, a guitar, TV, tools and some antiques.

The cottage, located in Belle River, was to be put up for sale. The victim stated she and her family were looking forward to spending time getting it ready.

“It was always a place of peace and tranquility before the break in,” she said adding they can hardly bring themselves to go there since early June when they walked into the mess left behind by Mr Dean.

Police were called and an investigation was opened.

On July 7, the victim was browsing Kijij to see if any of the items would turn up and that’s when she found an ad for the tub. Mr Dean was listed as the seller.

Police obtained a search warrant and when they arrived at Mr Dean’s house in Murray River they found both the tub and the stained glass window were on display outside as though part of a yard sale.

Mr Dean was arrested for possession of stolen property.

It was revealed Mr Dean was known to the victim as he had, earlier in the spring, made an offer on the property, but the deal was never completed.

Not all of the stolen items were at the accused’s residence at the time of his arrest and have not all been recovered to date.

One of the motorcycles was destroyed during the first week in June when the accused had an accident. He tried to hide the second one off the property, but it was eventually recovered.

Factoring in the value of the items, clean up and reinstallation, the victim estimates restitution to be in the amount of $8,000.

“What we want for Andrew Dean is a sense of justice served,” the victim told the court.

The defense requested a presentence report and sentencing was adjourned until a later date.

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