Village Feast visitors Danny, Kirk and Sue Keller and Maria Funk from New York State. Vacationing at South Lake, the visitors who are farmers themselves were happy to join in the fund raising effort which helps farmers in Kenya maximize their resources.Graphic file photo 2018

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Organizers for The Village Feast, an annual fundraiser in Souris, are determined to meet their annual fundraising goal this year despite not being able to have the in-person dinner.

The fundraiser started in 2009 and aside from this year has gone ahead rain or shine.

“We figured we would try to do something a little bit differently to see if we can still raise the funds to make our commitments,” said Ilse Peters-Ching, one of the committee members for the Village Feast.

The feast’s commitment has always been to one end -- helping to feed hungry children. Every year, they aim to raise approximately $30,000 to be used towards multiple causes to feed hungry kids.

The committee decided to cancel the in-person fundraiser at the end of April because of the growing list of events and festivals cancelling plans for 2020 and respecting public health regulations.

Exactly how the committee will raise money this year is not clear yet but Ms Peters-Ching said they hope to put on a social media campaign of sorts.

“It’s not just about the food. The food is amazing but also the event where everybody gets together and celebrates their good fortunes,” she said.

Ms Peters-Ching added that the committee is talking with volunteers and chefs for the Feast looking for feedback on what the fundraiser will look like this year.

For Ms Peters-Ching, keeping the feast full steam ahead in some capacity is close to her heart.

“It means everything. The reason I do this is because we raise money every year for our cookhouses in Kenya,” she said adding that the feast has helped provide almost 1.6 million meals through the cookhouses created through Farmers helping Farmers.

On top of that, Ms Peters-Ching estimates the feast has helped get roughly $10,000 to the local food bank every year through fundraising.

“A hungry child is a hungry child. They need to eat,” she said.

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