Canada has a national debt of $712 billion. My share as of today is $ 18,952. At first sight I was peeved, how dare they put the debt on me? I have enough to worry about.

But as I sat on it for awhile, I began to see the big picture. In reality if the people in charge are elected by the majority of the people, then those people are in fact responsible for the debts incurred by those elected.

Now I know this is a broad statement, but we choose to live in a democracy that says the majority rules. It is our job as citizens to make sure the majority is really the majority not divided by who gets what, but what is best for our country. For too long we have been led by false promises, greed and outright lies. They have done a great job at $712,000,000,000 in debt.

A poor and divided country acting like a spider web in reverse, no centre any more just so many arms reaching out for something. No vision or unity of purpose. We have lost the knowledge that WE are the country not the elected officials. They are there to do a job and must be held accountable to us on a regular basis, not left alone to wreak havoc or to prosper.

New governments have to learn to tackle one job at a time with a guaranteed cost and deadline, then proceed to the next one until we have a balanced budget. This can only work if we stand together as Canadians and time is not on our side. This new virus is teaching us we must work together in order to survive, which is so very true. The same goes for the creating of a good and functional country.

We the people have dropped the ball in this matter, not the elected officials and we have to get back in the game in a very big way and in a very big hurry. I am not alone in my thoughts only in voice, the rest of you have to stand up and be counted. Tomorrow will come, the only question is will we be ready? I hope and pray we are.

Mike McCormack,


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