The United Potato partners seminar is being moved ahead a day due to weather conditions.

The session, planned for Red Shores Racetrack and Casino, will now take place Thursday beginning at t9 a.m. Green Diamond Equipment Ltd. is the exclusive local sponsor for the 2015 Seminar, and there is no registration fee.

During the morning session, Jeff Wood and Darren Woodworth of Green Diamond Equipment Ltd will bring growers up to date on Lemken Tillage and JD Link technologies.

Steve Watts of Genesis Crop Systems will address the topic “yield variability in PEI potato fields – what’s holding us back?” sharing new data on verticillium and nematodes. He will also share the results of a trial he conducted on the use of liquid phosphorus as a fertilizer option.

Farmer and agricultural journalist Philip Shaw will talk about the prospects for rotation crops like corn, wheat and soybeans in 2015 and look at how the lower Canadian dollars is impacting exports.

After the lunch break, the general manager of United Potato Growers of Canada will provide an update on the 2014 Canadian crop, current holdings and intended utilization by sector. Kevin MacIsaac will also tackle the question “can yields climb even higher?”

Participants will learn the prospects for the processing sector as contract negotiations begin from Dan Hargraves, who is executive director of the Southern Idaho Potato Cooperative. As part of his presentation, Dan will be reporting on meetings his cooperative has scheduled with two major processors the day preceding the Island meeting.

The session will wrap up with a presentation from Jerry Wright, the president and chief executive officer of United Potato Growers of America. He will talk about the prospects for the 2015 crop and how commodity prices could affect acreage and which category segments will likely be price leaders in the fresh crop.

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