“Maximizing Farm Profitability By Applying Novel Keys In Transition Cows Management” will be the theme for a dairy education forum planned for November 15 at the Rodd Royalty.

Alex Venne, Canadian Business Manager for Balchem will be talking about Choline the forgotten Essential Nutrient in transition cows feeding . The liver is the key organ where this biology happens and helps in managing the energy needs of a transition cow. He will address such questions as "What are the keys to a successful transition period in a cow? and "How does a successful transition program affect the newborn calf and its genetic potential?"

The importance of tightly regulated calcium levels around calving will be addressed by Lasse Jakobsen from Protekta. There are many factors that play into a successful transition and a holistic approach must be taken. As a part of this approach, tightly regulating calcium levels around calving to prevent subclinical hypocalcemia (SCH) and especially chronic SHC, is of utmost importance.

Don Anderson will talk about new challenges in milk quality and high herd production. For the past 33 years he has been a member of the National Mastitis Council. Don currently serves as the Canadian representative on the International Dairy Federation Milking Equipment & Methods Action Team. Topics to be discussed will include cow environment, milking procedures and equipment and the management decisions needed to keep high production cows in your herd for one additional lactation.

Dr. Stirling Dorrance will discuss some key Principles/Protocols of dry cow management, that will reduces the risk of transition failure. Discussing some Principles/Protocols for drying down/drying off cows, that will lead to stronger transition

Jeff Gunn and Ed Frazee will talk about -Farm Data: Profit from the Numbers. Gunn is Regional Manager for Lactanet while Frazee is a technical coach and advisor. They will lead the discussion on how farms are using data today to monitor and plan, with a focus on a production planning program that is available to help producers manage future production, taking into account quota changes and incentive days.

To register, send an email to contact@addican.com or call (902) 964-3226.

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