A better harvest season for farmers

Trevor Webb of Webb’s Vegetables said the wet weather helped this year’s crops, noting that several varieties were larger than in previous years. There were some drawbacks however, his tomato crop wasn’t as plentiful as it usually is, and were slow coming this year. 

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The 2019 vegetable harvest season has proven to be much better than 2017 and 2018.

While the start was delayed by wet weather, that weather turned out to be very beneficial.

“The last couple of years were really dry, so this year crops were good, the potatoes were bigger, carrots are bigger,” said Trevor Webb of Webb’s Vegetables in O’Leary. 

“Every year there’s something good and something bad, overall, it’s been pretty good.”

Mr Webb said harvest on the 10 acre farm starts in July, and goes through to the end of October.

“It goes on forever,” he said with a laugh.

Clohossey Farms in Nail Pond also had a good season, even if the beginning was a little wet.

Owner Barry Clohossey spoke to the West Prince Graphic on Oct. 29. He said the farm would be finishing up the harvest that very day.

“Our last crop is turnips, and we should be done in a couple of hours,” he said. “Overall it’s been a good year. Wet in the fall, the same as everyone else having problems, but we’re going to get through it, and the fall crops came off really well, good quantity and quality.”

There have been some challenges to the season as well. Along with losing the first week or so to wet weather, and mud making it difficult to get equipment out on the field, some crops didn’t do as well as normal, like tomatoes.

“We should have had a lot of them the first of September and we just didn’t have them, they were just kind of slow coming,” said Mr Webb.

He said the big crops right now are corn, potatoes, and pumpkins. He said they’re not going to dig anymore now that they’ve got all their potatoes dug, and will keep their vegetable stand open as long as there’s product to sell, and people to buy the product.

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