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Alberton council is stepping up efforts to stop all day parking on Main Street.

The issue was brought up during council’s monthly meeting on July 13.

There is a two hour time limit for parking on Main Street, but the town continues to receive calls of vehicles parked at one space for several hours.

The town has started putting flyers on vehicles that have been found to be parked in the same spot for over two hours in an effort to prevent going over that time limit in the future.

“We’re still putting the odd letter on cars, we’ve only got two of them doing it now,” said Mayor David Gordon. “If they continue to do it, then we will get in contact with RCMP and get them to come in and give them a warning. If that doesn’t work, we’ll see what the RCMP recommends that we do.”

Mr Gordon said he and members of council don’t want to be harsh with drivers who park for longer than the two hour limit, but Main Street isn’t very busy as a result of those who park on the street all day.

During the meeting, Councillor Mary Jean Bernard asked if there would be options given to drivers on where to park instead of Main Street. Mr Gordon noted there is also parking available in the lot next to Bray’s Independent, and behind Saunders’ Variety.

Letters have also been sent out to all businesses on Main Street notifying them of the parking issue, asking them to park at either location listed above.

“We’re going to continue with the letters first, and if it gets to where they’re not abiding by the letters, we will get the RCMP to step in and give them a written warning,” concluded Mr Gordon. “We’ll try and get them to step in because they’ll listen to them more than they’ll listen to us.”

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