Her name is Mariah

Canadian author Michelle Arsenault recently published her fourth book “Her name is Mariah”. The character Mariah, was in her last book and this new installment features more on her story.

Canadian author Michelle Arsenault has done it again by adding yet another published book to her growing collection. ‘Her name is Mariah’, was started immediately after Ms Arsenault finished her last book, ‘The Rock Star of Vampires’, in 2014.

“I usually write a chapter a day, but the edits are another story,” said Ms Arsenault. “All in all, this novel took approximately a year.”

The latest novel features the character Mariah. In Ms Arsenault’s last book, Mariah had such a strong presence, that she felt the need to write more of her story.

“I really wanted to explore how she became so cynical and aggressive, then follow her journey as her walls started to break down and her vulnerability became a reality she had to face,” said Ms Arsenault. “I also wanted to write about a female protagonist that refused to be intimidated by anyone or anything. We need more strong women in books, television and movies.”

Although most people have been very supportive of her writing career, there are always some people who seem indifferent, said Ms Arsenault.

“I’m fortunate to have some awesome supporters both here and throughout the world that are always cheering me on. I focus on the positive.”

Some people find her writing intense because she tends to touch on some controversial topics from time to time or create some graphic content, said Ms Arsenault, but on the other side of things, this is what draws a lot of people to her writing.

Ms Arsenault’s books are available online including: Amazon, Chapters and iTunes. If readers are not comfortable with online shopping, most bookstores including Coles and Chapters will order the books in, said Ms Arsenault, who usually also has a few books on hand. Readers can contact Ms Arsenault through her website if they are in the West Prince area and would like to purchase one from her directly at: http://mimaonfire.com/about-the-author/

Ms Arsenault has recently started her next book, but her focus right now is to get out there and tell everyone about “Her name is Mariah”.

“I’m having a blast.”

Readers are encouraged to check out Ms Arsenault’s website to learn about her book, find her on social media or sign up for the newsletter - www.mimaonfire.com

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