No by-election in Alberton after one candidate withdraws name

The town of Alberton once again has a full council. The town was due to hold a by-election on Sept. 9 to fill the four seats left vacant on the seven person council, but Holly Gordon, one of five residents seeking a seat, announced she would no longer be running. As a result, the other four residents win by acclamation, and a date for their swearing in will be made. Jillian Trainor photo

There will be no by-election in Alberton on Sept. 9 after one of the candidates withdrew their name from the running.

Holly Gordon, daughter of mayor David Gordon, made the decision to step down.

This now brings the number of residents running down to four. Because there were only four seats that needed to be filled on council, these residents are now acclaimed and will form the new council.

The new councillors are Mary Jean O’Brien, Chester Adams, Alan Curtis, and former mayor Michael Murphy.

“I got some feed back that people were concerned about it being a conflict of interest with me on council and my father being the mayor as well as being a mother of 3 and working full time, it would be just too much on my plate at the moment,” said Ms Gordon. “I definitely will be putting my name in for council in the future when my kids are older.”

Mr Gordon said it was unfortunate, and he thinks she would have made a really good councillor, but he understands that her family has to come first right now.

He said he thinks the fact that Alberton once again has a full council is great.

“I think the council that we have taking over is going to do a good job,” said Mr Gordon. “I’m pretty confident we will work as a team and try to move forward for the town of Alberton. I congratulate the four councillors that are going to be sworn in. I’m not sure when, but congratulations from the mayor, and two other councillors on town council.”

The next step is to contact the Department of Municipal Affairs in regard to getting the new councillors sworn in.

September’s council meeting is still scheduled for Sept. 16

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