Final preparations underway for St Simon and St Jude Parish Picnic

Clarence Power is one of four members of the organizing committee for St Simon and St Jude’s Parish Picnic. Other members of the committee are Emedla Pitre, Paula McDonald, and Father John Molina Money from the picnic will go toward the St Simon and St Jude Working Capital Campaign, to help fix things around the church that are in need of repair, including brickwork, the doors, the parish centre, the parish house, and the cemetery gates. The project is expected to cost around $350,000. 

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It will take roughly 100 volunteers to run the St Simon and St Jude Parish Picnic on Aug. 25.

Funds raised from the picnic this year will be going toward the St Simon and St Jude Working Capital Campaign which will help with some much needed repairs.

“The brickwork needs repairs, the doors need repairs, the parish centre over there, and the parish house,” said Clarence Powers, one of the members of the picnic’s organizing committee. “The veranda had to be done, the roof’s got to be done, the fence at the graveyard’s got to be done. They’re thinking (it will cost) around $350,000.”

Mr Powers is one of four members on the organizing committee for the picnic. Other members are Emelda Pitre, Paula McDonald, and Father John Molina.

This is the 23rd annual picnic for the parish. Though this iteration started in 1996, the church has hosted parish picnics in the past, but stopped because the interest just wasn’t out there.

A variety of games and activities will be available. The picnic will start at 11 a.m. with a Holy Mass. Following the Mass, canteen services will be available, including lobster and ham cold plates, lobster burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, pop, and water.

Activities taking place during the picnic include a silent cake auction, face painting, game booths, a fudge sale, two 50/50 draws, and four prize lottery draws. Prizes for the lottery draws are a grass trimmer, a quilt, a large print, and a seafood basket.

About 600 people are expected to attend the picnic.

Meetings to get ready for the picnic have been going well.

“We had a meeting the other night, and I told them everything was coming together good,” said Mr Powers. “We discussed the meals, we discussed all the activities going on. Father John, I contact whenever we need him. I try not to bother the priest because he has enough work to do around the parish without having to do too much with the picnic, but he’s there for us. “

While the picnic is a fundraiser, Mr Powers said it’s not just about the money, it’s about getting people together, meeting new people, and making new friends.

“One thing about this community, if there’s someone that’s in need out there, for sickness, or they need money for the church, the community is very, very good to step up to the plate and give,” he concluded. “I’m very proud to belong to this church. I’m very happy for all the people who want to help out at the picnic.”

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