Most lobster fishers doing well for 2019 fall season

Crew members of the boat Brooklyn Babe, based out of Miminegash Harbour, hoist part of the day’s catch onto the pier on a beautiful sunny day. Catches so far have been good this season, with the hope being they, along with the weather, stay the same. From left to right: Franklin Pitre, Kenny Perry, and Logan Gallant   Jillian Trainor photo

Most fishers in Lobster Fishing Area (LFA) 25 have been having a great season so far. 

“There’s lots of large lobsters this year, there’s no increase in the size measure like the last few years we had,” said Mandy Perry, captain of the boat Four Daughters, based out of Skinners Pond. “We’re seeing a good bit of large, which is good to see. We’re up some from last year, that’s for sure, so that’s good to see too.”

Prices this season have also been good. Right now, fishers are getting $5 for canner sized lobster, and $5.50 for market sized lobster, an increase of 75 cents from last year.

Andy Doucette, captain of Rylie & The Boys out of Miminegash, is also satisfied with catches and prices this season.

While catches so far in LFA 25 have been good for the most part, not everyone has been having the best luck.

“From Miminegash, north, catches are terrible,” said Lee Knox, president of the Prince County Fishermen’s Association. “Miminegash north is probably only getting half as much as Miminegash south.”

Though strong winds kept fishers home on Aug. 24, along with dealing with what was left of Tropical Storm Erin on Aug. 29, weather has been pretty favourable. 

Ms Perry said the big concern with dealing with tropical storms and hurricanes that come up from the south is potential damage to gear, and the chance there will be no catches the day following the storm.

“If the gear is in close enough, and strong enough winds, it just smashes the traps and tangles everything and bunches together,” she said.

As always, the hope for the rest of the season is good weather, good catches, and good prices.

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