When Grace Gallant of Alberton asked to celebrate her birthday with her fellow Girl Guides, she decided instead of presents, she wanted to do something to help those around her.

After brainstorming ideas with her mother, Amanda Gallant, the now eight year old came up with donating money to the IWK Foundation.

“She came up with the IWK because she has a friend that visits the IWK frequently, and her cousins, and her little sister, and herself, have also spent time at the IWK,” said Amanda. “We thought it would be nice to give back.”

Altogether, $245 was raised for the foundation. This money will go toward things like research, care, and new programs with the hospital.

Adam Ramsay, the PEI relationship manager for the IWK Foundation, said the foundation is very fortunate to have so many students like Grace who organize fundraisers for the hospital. “When you see younger Islanders giving back, especially when they know they’re giving back to their peers, people that are their age, that need all the help and specialized care that they can get, it’s remarkable,” he said.

Grace has never had to do an overnight stay at the hospital in Halifax, but she has had to go for several appointments for peanut challenges.

After presenting the money to Mr Ramsay, she was given a sweet surprise, a lifesaver card. These cards are the size of a normal business card with a candy lifesaver attached, but there’s something special about them. Each card has the photo and story of a child who is or has been a patient at the IWK. Along with it being a way to say thank you, it helps to put a face to the cause for those who might want to know more about the people who are being helped.

When asked how it felt after discovering what the total amount raised came to, her answer was simple

“I felt happy,” she said. 

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