Members of the 641 West Prince Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron concluded another year of hard work with a ceremonial review at M.E. Callaghan on the evening of June 5.

The 10 person squadron, commanded by squad leader Sarah MacAlduff, was led in by Flight Sergeant Alex Trail for inspection by retired Warrant Officer Charlene Arsenault of Tignish.

After carefully inspecting the squadron, Ms Arsenault expressed her admiration of the squadron, and offered advice to the cadets.

“Your dedication and hard work has gotten you to this day, be proud of yourselves,” she said. “Also, take a moment to realize the help you received to get here: your parents, your unpaid taxi drivers, amongst many other things. Your families, superiors, leaders, and your buddies standing beside you. Don’t forget to take the time to thank them, as I wouldn’t be stand here today without the support of my family, who are by my side everyday.”

Ms Arsenault said from a personal perspective, she truly enjoyed her career in the military, where she worked as a dental hygienist. She said she learned a lot of lifelong skills, and also had the chance to meet and work with some amazing people, creating lifelong friendships.

Over her Career, Ms Arsenault represented the Canadian Armed Forces in many sports including broomball, fast pitch baseball, ball hockey, and running. Her greatest memories are with the Canadian Armed Forces Women’s Ice Hockey team where she served as captain for many years and received numerous championships and awards for her outstanding leadership and dedication to the sport.

Along with the inspection, cadets received a variety of awards, including Most Improved Cadet, Best First Year Cadet, the Legion Medal of Excellence, and the Lord Strathcona Award. Flight Sergeant Brady Shea received several awards, including Most Dedicated,  Senior Uniform, and Cadets Choice Award, sharing the Effective Speaking Award with Warrant Amy Lissemore, Top Shooter with Flight Corporal Daisy Kinch and Flight Sergeant Jayden Doucette, and the Long Service Award with Flight Sergeants Jayden Doucette, Beth Profit, Morgan Hustler, Jake Buote, Jacob Delaney, and Riley Leard.

The cadets also received a promotion in rank, with the highest ranking cadets, Flight Sergeants Alex Trail and Ms Lissemore moving up to the rank of Warrant Officer, Second Class. The promotion comes with a lot of responsibility, and once training resumes, they will each be given a list of tasks to meet throughout the year.

This is the fifth year both have been involved with the Air Cadets.

Though they can’t recall the name of their squad leader, the remember their temperament.

“I did think they were some cranky,” said Mr Trail. “My first ACR (Annual Ceremonial Review), I can still remember they made us stand at attention against the wall, and I think we were there for a while.”

Mr Trail will be taking part in the summer camp offered by cadets, Ms Lissemore will be working this summer. Both cadets plan on staying with the squadron until they age out at 19.

Both have enjoyed their time with the Air Cadets.

“You meet new people, you make a lot of friends, you can really advance your leadership skills,” said Ms Lissemore. “It’s just really great for your future and things like that.”

While the promotion is definitely a highlight for the two cadets, another highlight was actually getting through the review.

“At five o’clock this evening we didn’t think we were going to pull it together to do this tonight,” explained Mr Trail. “I called a turn when we were getting ready to come down here for practise, and everybody turned a different way. Right then the courage wasn’t high, but when we got here everything settled down.”

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