Talking everything Tignish: Facebook group embracing the humour of PEI dialect

Longtime friends Paul Shea, Joanne Perry and Tommy Perry are having fun with their popular Tignish Word of the Day featured daily on Ms Perry’s Facebook page Tignish Talk. Melissa Heald photo

A popular social media page created by a Tignish resident has everyone laughing out loud with a novel take on local dialect. 

Tignish Talk began as an original Facebook page Joanne Perry crated when she and her husband, Tommy, owned Eugene’s General Store. The couple sold the Tignish business almost a year and a half ago in February 2018. 

“I created it roughly 10 years ago and used it for basic announcements, basic information for the store,” explained Ms Perry. 

After the couple sold the store, Ms Perry’s daughter suggested she rename the page and do something similar, only for the community.

That’s how Tignish Talk was born.

“I call it that just for the fact we are talking about anything and everything from Tignish,” said Ms Perry. 

Ms Perry began posting everything from photographs that illustrated the history of Tignish to sharing pictures from local photographers to local information and announcements.

But the page has since evolved to include a daily segment featuring videos of Mr Perry and the couple’s longtime friend Paul Shea.

Ms Perry said the idea for the feature, now viewed Island wide and beyond, came about during a conversation over dinner with friends.

The segment isn’t intended to make fun or offend anyone, but Tignish, as in most Island communities, has always been known to have its own accent and slang, where common words often have the opposite meaning than they do elsewhere, said Ms Perry. 

“They sound the same, but yet they mean two totally different things,” she added. 

The result is an hilarious turn of phrase with Mr Shea using the word of the day in a sentence.

Typically the videos are filmed once a week at the same time, often during that weekly dinner with friends, to cover the seven day stretch. However, for the summer, the group has taken the filming outside, highlighting different well-known corners in Tignish. 

“People love the community so much. People from away love to hear about the community so much. We thought wouldn’t it be fun if we actually do a word outside so people could see different landmarks, to see Tignish itself? That has gone over really well,” said Ms Perry. 

Ms Perry doesn’t think they will ever run out of words. She even keeps a journal to jot down at least five potential words each week. 

“No matter where we go, Summerside or Charlottetown, someone’s yelling ‘What’s the word of the day’,” said Mr Perry. “It’s nice.”

Mr Shea said the experience has been positive and Tignish Talk helps keep people connected to the community. 

“It gives people who are away the chance to be home for a little while,” he said. “They appreciate the fact the Tignish Talk site is there ... Joanne does a great job of keeping people informed and what they are missing back here in Tignish.”

Regular followers of Tignish Talk has tripled since Ms Perry relaunched the page with close to 6,000 members.

“I considered that an honour,” she said. “I think we are just down to earth. We’re not here to make any money. We’re not here to take any spotlights away from anybody. We’re not here to do your typical comedy show or anything like that. We are just normal people in a normal world ... There’s so much negativity these days on social media. This picks up your day.”

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