Discussions about a potential fourth flag pole continued at the June meeting for Alberton Town Council after council’s decision last month to not fly the Pride flag in recognition of the International Day against Homophobia, Transpohobia and Biphobia.

Since the decision was made public, councillors have been receiving many vitriolic phone calls and messages regarding their decision.

“None of this was done to make anybody feel bad, and that was not reflected in how it was reported,” said Councillor Kelly Williams. “It wasn’t intended to insult any group. We’re trying to take a neutral stance here.”

Coun. Williams said the three flagpoles at the town office are for the Canadian flag, a provincial flag, and the town flag, and all residents should see their face in that.

Coun. Blair Duggen agreed.

“Claudia (Gallant), and Krystyna Pottier designed the town flag in the bicentennial year,” he said. “At that time it was decided that this was what we were going to have with flagpoles out here, and in my mind we’re just supporting that.”

During the meeting, councillors quietly read correspondence that was addressed to council and the mayor, one of which was from a former resident of the town, Elaine Burrows.

In her letter, Ms Burrows said she was appalled by the decision to not fly the Pride flag for one day. She said that humans differ in size, weight, background, education, language, and sexual orientation.

“Ignoring one part of our population by not raising a flag for one day is a sign of intolerance for those who differ from ourselves... When the decision was made to not put up the Pride flag, the waves of that action spread far and wide to thousands of people not only here on Prince Edward Island, but well beyond those shores of this Island.”

Currently, there is no official policy regarding the flagpoles in front of the town office.

While there was a discussion on the possibility of putting one in place, it was deferred to another time because Mayor David Gordon was sick, and unable to attend the council meeting.

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