Breaking new ground

Owner and operator of Arlington Orchards Barry Balsom (left) proudly displays the pasteurizing equipment with Bio Food Tech Stephen Gould, Senior Extraction Technologist. Cindy Hierlihy photo

Long time owner and operator of Arlington Orchard, Barry Balsom not only expanded his operation this year, he is now set up for a new business venture - pasteurized apple cider. A welcomed addition to his thriving operation, Mr Balsom has been working closely with Bio Food Tech and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, to get the on-site pasteurization facility up and running for the upcoming apple season.

“We want to ensure we have a safe pasteurized juice product to offer our customers,” said Mr Balsom.

Mr Balsom proudly revealed that Arlington Orchard is the first orchard to offer pasteurized apple cider, made directly on-site, on PEI.

“Kids should really not drink unpasteurized apple cider,” said Mr Balsom, explained, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. “Now that opens that market up for us.

The pasteurized equipment currently being used was brought in from England - the Virgo pasteurizer hot water bath system. “Seems to work over on the main land, so we thought we would go with that system.”

All staff working within the Arlington Orchard business who will be operating the pasteurization process will have to go through stringent procedure and standards now in order to produce the final product.

“The initial cost to get the process up and running is expensive, but that is what the part of business is,” said Mr Balsom. “We see an opportunity in juice that is not being exploited by any other person in PEI.”

At the moment, Mr Balsom admits it is early in the game to announce where the final product will be offered, however he hopes the product will be available in local retailers.

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