Ben Chase’s voice was still hoarse three days after he won the Fan’s Choice Award at the 2019 Alberta Country Music Awards on Jan. 26.

“It was a good weekend, lots of yelling,” said the Tignish musician. “My vocal chords are still kind of recovering a bit.”

Mr Chase said when he watches award shows, it’s always the Fan’s Choice Award he’s most excited about because it’s an award that’s not completely decided by the industry, and because it gives fans a say in who their favourite artists are. His fellow nominees in the category were The Dungarees, Drew Gregory, Nice Horse, The Prairie States, and Renegade Station.

Along with the Fan’s Choice award, Mr Chase was also nominated in the categories of Male Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Single of the Year, and Rising Star.

This is the first time he’s received a nomination from the Alberta Country Music Association, and he said it was a good recap for 2019, and this was a great reward for himself and his team. 

“To me, it’s more like an award to show that my accomplishments are actually coming through, and things are really happening,” he said. “It’s a really good pick-me-up feeling. We’re getting ready to release my EP, so to have my first professional album done and getting it ready to come out. It’s a really good boost before it does come out, that an association as huge as the Alberta Country Music Association is supporting me in that.”

This isn’t the first win for Mr Chase. He won the Cover Band/Artist of the Year at the 2017 Music PEI Awards, and the Country Recording of the year at the Calgary Music Awards.

Presenting the award was his friend and fellow musician, Jade Eagleson, and sitting at the table with him were his band, his manager, and his mother, father, and sister, who had flown in from PEI for the event. When his name was announced, the whole table exploded with energy.

“It was unreal,” said Mr Chase. “The Fan’s Choice is one of the big awards. It was mind blowing to realize I had won the actual Fan’s Choice Award. To me, that’s like winning the lottery. “

The show was live-streamed on social media. When Mr Chase was accepting the award, there was nothing but joy and elation expressed on his face as he thanked the fans for their decision. He said it’s the fans that make music possible.

Mr Chase said he’s dedicated his life to being a musician in country music, it’s his full-time job, and this award is a celebration for not only him and his team, but for his fans as well. 

“I’d like to say a thank you to everybody in PEI, that’s where I got my start, and I never will forget that,” he concluded. “Although it’s the Alberta Country Music Awards, a massive part of my following comes from PEI, so the Fan’s Choice isn’t just for the Alberta fans, it’s for all the fans across the country, all the way back to PEI.”

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