Debris dump on local beach angers residents

Debris dumped on the Miminegash beach has local residents upset. A pile of ceramic tiles, along with what appeared to be ceiling tiles, were left in a heap where the grass meets the sand.         Submitted photo 

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When Becky Gallant was doing her daily walk along the Miminegash beach on May 16, she never expected to find debris from a kitchen renovation.

A pile of ceramic tiles, along with what appeared to be ceiling tiles, were left in a heap where the grass meets the sand.

“When I saw it I was mad and heartbroken all at the same time,” she said. “I just could not believe that someone could use our beautiful beach as a dump. Over the years I have picked lots of garbage up, dirty diapers, empty cans/bottles, broken beach toys, but never anything to this extent.”

She snapped a couple of photos of the debris, and after returning home she shared her frustration on social media in the hope that the person responsible for dumping the garbage might see the post and clean it up, and to make others think twice before doing something similar in the future. 

Audrey Callaghan, mayor of Miminegash , said residents of the community weren’t happy when they heard about what happened.

“I’m  not really sure why someone would do this and think that it’s okay,” she said. “I just can’t wrap my head around it. Obviously they don’t care.”

Ms Callaghan said something like this is disheartening because people are always trying to clean the beaches and make sure that they’re kept clean. Over the last few years a local watershed group has been placing garbage bins at local beaches in an effort to help, and while most people do use them, there are still those who don’t.

Lou Anne Gallant, chief administrative officer for Miminegash, thinks the debris might have been thrown on the beach with the hope that the tide would wash it out. Her concern is that it’s a safety hazard because if the ceramic tile is broken, it could potentially cut a person’s foot as they’re walking along the shore.

“If they’re too cheap to take it and pay for it at the dump (they should) leave it on their own property,” she said. “Why come and put it on a beach, where everybody is using the beach. We have beautiful beaches, but if everybody comes and dumps their garbage there, they’re not going to be beautiful very long.”

At this time, it is unknown who left the pile of debris on the beach.

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