Location for 2SLGBTQ+ adults opening in Alberton

Jesse Greenan is the organizer of a new support group for 2SLGBTQ+ adults in West Prince. While there are many groups for younger 2SLGBTQ+ people, the closest group for adults is in Charlottetown. The group will have its first meeting at the Alberton Community Centre on Nov. 13, from 7 pm to 9 pm. 

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Older 2SLGBTQ+ residents of West Prince will have a place of their own starting Nov. 13.

Organized by Jesse Greenan, the group will meet from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Alberton Community Centre, located at 33 Dufferin Street, in the community board room.

Mr Greenan, who is 24, had been looking for a group like this, but hadn’t been able to find any in West Prince because the programs were geared toward those aged 18 and under. 

The closest location for an adult group is in Charlottetown.

“I thought it would be nice to help people, because I love helping people, and there seems to be a need for something like this,” he said. “I’ve never heard anybody mention it but I figured there’s probably some that really want it, but are too scared to come out and ask for it. They don’t want to get the criticism or whatever that comes with it.”

Mr Greenan said the PEERS Alliance has been helping him with information, and giving him directions on where to go for things like grant money if there’s a need.

He said he hopes the group will bring older 2SLGBTQ+ people together, feel comfortable expressing themselves, and potentially help strengthen ties with family and friends.

“I hope people feel secure, and safe enough to talk about what’s going on, maybe meet new friends, and maybe (have) people they can turn to when they’re feeling down and don’t know where else to go.”

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