Mill River Resort to introduce alternative accommodations with campground closure

Geoffrey Irving, president of the Mill River Resort, stands on the deck of the new chalet on the grounds of the resort, the first to be built as part of a five year plan to offer a better variety of accommodations at the facility. In order to build more fixed-roof accommodations like the chalet, a decision was made to close the Mill River Campground. Mr Irving said the closure of the campground had been in discussion for a number of months, the final decision made within the last month.

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The closure of the Mill River Campground is part of a five year plan at Mill River Resort to offer a better variety of accommodations at the facility, says the president of the resort.

The closure of the campground has been in discussion for a number of months, the final decision being made within the last month, said Geoffrey Irving.

Reaction to the news of the campground’s closure has been mixed.

“Some people were surprised at the decision,” said Mr Irving. “We contacted the people who had enquired about seasonal rentals this year, as well as people who were looking to book the campground. We’re lucky to have two other pretty nice campgrounds in the area, and there’s also been some interest into what our fixed-roof accommodation plan is, and people looking for further detail on that.”

He said the hope is there will be a few phases where the resort can introduce a variety of fixed-roof accommodations that have been requested by visitors to West Prince. 

“A vacation home is a good example of that,” said Mr Irving, speaking of the chalets that will be built where the campground is currently located. “People are looking for alternatives to our current 81 room hotel. By that, we mean that they’ll be of quality, that they’ll fit the resort, and that it will be appealing to family and visitors of all types.”

Currently there’s only one show home to display how the chalets would look. It’s a smaller building, at 950 square feet, with two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Mr Irving said they feel bigger than they actually are. 

Cost hasn’t been determined yet, but it would vary depending on the finishings the owner would want. The chalets would be privately owned and be used year-round, with the option of having the resort manage the property if the owner wanted to rent it out to guests.

There’s no specific number in terms of units to be built, the chalets will all be built on demand. There’s been some interest already, and the hope is to have those units built by the end of this year. 

“At the end of the day, our goal is to operate a sustainable year-round resort gearing to tourists and locals, which also provides a source of employment and is something that West Prince can be proud of,” concluded Mr Irving. “It won’t happen overnight, and we have some tough decisions to make along the way, but we’re all working pretty hard on achieving that goal.”

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