O’Leary Town Players aim to entertain at this year’s dinner theatre performance

It’s going to be an interesting night for Marie and Joseph, played by Airam Domingo and Karl Bajamunde. The two are among those from the O’Leary Town Players performing in this year’s dinner theatre piece, titled Special Delivery, which will be performed at the O’Leary Legion on Nov. 29 and 30. Other performers include Blair Bernard as the delivery person, Gordon Walker as Doctor Kelly, Dale Howard as Doctor Fred, Dr Herb Dickieson as the janitor, Adrienne MacDonald as the patient, and Sandra O’Meara, Bonnie MacNeill, and Marylois Bernard as nurses.              Jillian Trainor photo

For two nights, the O’Leary Town Players will be entertaining residents with their annual holiday dinner theatre performance.

This is the sixth year the players have done a different story every year, with each one relating to something that happened in the community, like the cannabis store coming to town, and O’Leary winning Hockeyville in 2017. This year’s show is titled ‘Special Delivery’ and the events take place on Christmas Eve. This year the show is on Nov. 29 and 30.

“A young couple gets stranded in a snow storm,” said Gordon Walker, the show’s primary writer and one of its actors. “She’s already in labour when she arrives, thinking it is a hospital and not a clinic. I’m on call, but they don’t know where I am, so they bring in another doctor from West Point from snow plow and snow mobile.”

The show’s cast is Blair Bernard as the delivery person, Mr Walker as Doctor Kelly, Dale Howard as Doctor Fred, Dr Herb Dickieson as the janitor, Adrienne MacDonald as the patient, Sandra O’Meara, Bonnie MacNeill, and Marylois Bernard are nurses, Airam Domingo as the pregnant Marie, and Karl Bajamunde as Joseph.

Mr Gordon said the players try to include a number of stories and events that happened at the former O’Leary Hospital, adding there are a lot of true ones a person would think didn’t happen, but actually did. Some of the local stories have also been woven into song.

“He does the outline, and we kind of ad-lib, and change a few things here and there,” said Ms Bernard. “Everybody has their say, so we’re all happy about it.”

Along with the show, a full course meal of turkey dinner with all the fixings will be served, featuring a sticky date pudding for dessert.

After paying the bills, money from the event goes to the Legion, along with a bursary at Westisle Composite High School. Some years the players have been also been able to donate to other local causes, like the food bank.

Tickets for the show can be picked up at the O’Leary Legion after 3 pm, at the Quilt Gallery, or by contacting Ms Bernard.

When asked what they enjoyed about doing the dinner theatre, Ms Bernard’s answer was simple.

“It’s just the satisfaction of entertaining people, everybody has a good laugh,” she said. “We just hope everyone enjoys themselves.”

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