hristmas is just around the corner and getting the right gifts for friends and family can be a real challenge sometimes. We all have fitness oriented people in our lives. Here are some ideas on what you can get them!

1) Athletic wear. Anyone who trains two to six days a week will need lots of active wear. Workout clothing takes lots of abuse from the training and can wear out quickly. T-shirts, pants, shorts, footwear are all great gifts that will surely be used.

2) Training gear. Not clothing, but gear associated with the persons activity. Gloves, belts, straps for the lifter, a mat for the Yoga follower, hockey, ball, squash, swimming, running related items depending on the sport.

3) Membership or dues to participate in the sport. Get a gift certificate for the gym, pool, court, class. Whatever it might be the person will use it if they already participate.

4) Personal training or coaching sessions. Often the person will not spend the extra money on themselves for professional instruction but they will be thrilled to get a few sessions paid for.

5) An online subscription that is related to the persons activity is always a hit.

6) Tickets to a game, contest, event or a season pass to a team’s home games.

7) Many serious athletes and fit buffs are using supplements. Vitamins, quality meal replacement shakes, protein powders. If you know what the athlete is using on a regular basis pick some up.

8) A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant that serves healthy choices.

9) A session to a registered massage therapist for an athlete that may have sports related injuries.

These are a few ideas that will make it easier to find that right gift’s for the active people on your list. If you are active yourself I hope you receive something for Christmas that compliments your activity.

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