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I was listening to the radio over the weekend, and while reading the news the radio host shared a small, but significant piece of information: PEI is apparently one of the safest places in world in regard to keeping COVID-19 at bay.

Think about that. On this whole planet populated by roughly seven billion people, this little Island with a population of just over 158,000 is one of the safest spots to be right now.

Though we have essentially stomped the curve into the ground, this could have easily gone the other way.

I was speaking with someone a few weeks ago, and they made the comment that PEI is kind of like a cruise ship. 

Because people are in close quarters and close contact on a ship, kind of similar to how they are here on the Island, viruses can spread really fast, which in turn can prove to be deadly.

It’s been hammered into us that we need to keep washing our hands, wearing masks where necessary, and keeping up with social distancing, but we should also stay on the Island, keeping all access points closed to non-essential travel.

While Islanders definitely deserve a pat on the back for how we’ve handled things, we could not have done this without Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison and Chief Nursing Officer Marion Dowling.

These women have been the face of healthcare in the province, and have worked extremely hard to make sure Islanders are safe during this really scary time.

Once this is over, both deserve a very long vacation to relax and take a breather. They deserve it.

Jillian Trainor


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