According to a few rural residents internet speeds in PEI seem to be getting hit by the increase in usage, but companies say they are ready to handle it.

A few Islanders have spoken to The Graphic about issues with both upload and download speeds in the past week.

One compared it to how the service deteriorates in the summer once the population and usage increases with the arrival of tourists.

Rob Nelson, chief tech officer at Wicked EH? said they haven’t had reports of clients needing help regarding internet speed.

However, Wicked EH? has seen an influx in traffic throughout the day where the spikes normally would happen in the evenings and at nighttime.

“Our system has algorithms that watch the signal qualities and constantly make little adjustments to make sure everything is as good as it can be,” Mr Nelson said.

“We are all working from home, but still logged in all the time.”

He also said they will be increasing the upload speeds across the network to help with the inundation of video calls and homework assignments.

“Usually we see our spikes in the evenings and nighttime when everybody is home, but because everybody is home we are seeing more traffic all the time,” he added.

Kim MacIvor, from TNC Wireless, said they haven’t had any customers calling with issues either.

“Our system can run at the current load and is capable of more capacity,” she said.

Isabelle Boulet, spokesperson for Bell Aliant, said they are seeing heavier traffic especially with residential internet and voice calling volumes during the day.

“We’ve invested significant capital in network capacity and redundancy to handle growth in recent years but have also made significant investments in network capacity and other systems since the onset of the COVID-19 situation to manage the increases.”

Xplornet did not respond to questions from The Graphic.

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