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“A record crowd estimated at upwards of 5,000 people swarmed to the Mik’ Maq reservation on Lennox Island, P.E.I. Sunday, 29 July 1956, to take part in the annual celebration held in honor of St. Anne, the patron saint of the Mik’ Maq people. A sunny day and placid waters added to the enjoyment of the event which annually attracts visitors from the mainland to points in the United States.” “The Guardian,”30 July 1956.

“Because of the unexpected number of vehicles, over 1,000, a huge traffic snarl occurred around 2 o’clock when hundreds of cars converged on the narrow road leading to the Port Hill wharf. The fields used for parking lots were filled to capacity; motorists parked their cars on both sides of the highway, some even double parked. At one time, stalled cars, four abreast, stretched for more than a half-a-mile from the Port Hill Wharf.”

“The many boats, that conveyed the visitors across to the Island over the three-quarter mile expanse of water, had a busy afternoon and were hampered slightly by a strong breeze that sprung up that resulted in a fairly heavy swell, but the boat trips nevertheless were enjoyed by the majority of eager visitors.”

Solemn High Mass

“Solemn High Mass was observed at 11 am on the grounds surrounding the shrine of St. Anne, the celebrant being Rev. Father MacIntyre of Egmont Bay; Deacon, Rev. Phalen MacKenna, Alberton; sub-deacon Rev. R Phalen, Charlottetown; and Master of Ceremonies, Rev. R P Murnaghan, Grand River. The sermon was preached by Rev. Father McKenna.”

“Many families carried their own lunches and barbecued chicken was planned to be available. But due to an oversight, the basting racks used in the preparation of barbecued chicken were not brought up from Charlottetown, and many people were disappointed when informed that barbecued chicken would not be served. Other refreshments were available including lobsters, quahaugs, clams, hot dogs etc. and the people managing these booths were kept extra busy. The booths were staffed by parishioners from Charlottetown, Summerside, Grand River, Alberton and Tignish.”

Handicrafts Featured

“One of the feature attractions was the handicraft booth which displayed a large number of artistically made baskets, canes tomahawks, bows and arrows, etc. that plainly revealed the skilled craftsmanship of many of the Mik’Maq people. The cleverly constructed birch bark wigwam with a couple dressed in ceremonial robes was also a new attraction this year that was of interest to many.”


Softball games between the Lennox Island girls and the Grand River ‘Gals’; and the Summerside ‘Legionnaires’ and the Lennox Island Men’s team were enjoyed by a large number, as were the many pleasing selections offered by the Miscouche Brass Band which was in attendance.”

“Lennox Island is situated in Malpeque Bay, contains approximately 1,340 acres and has a population of 170, representing forty families. Rev. Father E W MacInnis is the pastor of St. Anne’s Parish and annually takes charge of the detailed preparations with the assistance of his parishioners for St. Anne’s Sunday.”

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