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On behalf of myself and the Alberton Town Council, I wanted to ensure residents that we are here to help and to take the time to thank everyone for their efforts during these trying times.

We are thankful for the front line medical staff who are working during these trying times to help protect our community. We are thankful for the first responders and volunteers who get up everyday with the courage to face the unknown.

We want to thank Pat and Bill Bray and their staff at the Independent for staying open and keeping the shelves stocked with essentials for residents.

We want to thank Pat and Karen Murphy and their staff for staying open and providing fuel and other necessities during this time.

We want to thank our pharmacists for providing a necessary service to ensure residents don’t go without their health needs- to the staff at Alberton Pharmacy and the Medicinne Shoppe – Thank you.

We also want to thank Paul and Linda Martin at the Alberton Bakery and their staff for staying open and providing takeout meals for the first responders and for truckers still working to keep the supply chain open.

We also want to thank the businesses that shut their doors to help prevent the spread of the virus throughout the community. We know that this will be hard on your bottom line and we are appreciative of how you are respecting the directions of the Chief Public Health Officer.

We want to thank Premier King and his cabinet, as well as the Opposition parties for their swift response to this pandemic. They acted quickly to protect Islanders and implemented measures to assist workers and businesses that were hard hit during these times.

We want to thank the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison, for her tireless efforts to make sure Islanders are kept informed and for projecting an air of calmness during this unprecedented event.

We promise to keep you informed as events unfold. We are keeping residents up to date via our website which has links to the Province pages for information on how to stop the spread of the virus, and on the support levels the Province have put in place. We will also share up to date, verified information on our facebook page Alberton Recreation.

We want residents to know that the Council and staff of the Town of Alberton are working in the background to ensure our residents have what they need to get through this pandemic. We have volunteers on standby to assist residents if they are unable to get out for groceries or to pick up prescriptions.

If you call the number provided by the province 1-833-533-9333, they will get in touch with the right people.

But mostly, we are thankful to residents of Alberton for taking this seriously and self-isolating or social distancing themselves to help protect our more vulnerable residents.

We will get through this and be stronger for it – if everyone does their part. Stay safe and remember to follow the directives of the Chief Public Health Officer.

Mayor David Gordon and Council


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