West Point lighthouse

The historic West Point Lighthouse came through Hurricane Dorian unscathed, but the same couldn’t be said for the temporary sand dune that was constructed over the summer or the road leading down to the lighthouse. The destruction has left the lighthouse vulnerable. Melissa Heald photo

A longtime supporter of the West Point Lighthouse was glad that the historic landmark had made it through Hurricane Dorian unscathed.

The seawall built beside the lighthouse to protect the building during storm surges did its job, keeping the lighthouse, along with the inn and museum, safe.

The parking area in front of the lighthouse was flooded on Sunday, but the water has since receded and none of the water appears to have caused any damage to the structure.

However, the temporary dune that had been constructed this summer after a winter storm had damaged the beach’s boardwalk was completely eradicated, the sand blown into the larger parking lot meant for the lighthouse visitors and beachgoers.

The road leading down into the small lighthouse parking lot has been destroyed entirely and the concrete blocks that had been placed along the sand dune barrier have been displaced.

“They were destroyed, so that means the area is very vulnerable until they can get something else put in its place,” said Carol Livingstone.

Areas of the campground next door were also flooded.

Hurricane Dorian brought heavy rain and high winds to PEI, beginning on Sept. 7 into the overnight hours of Sept. 8.

Along with the rain and winds, Dorian created storm surges along the coast. As a result, the hurricane caused a lot of damage, mostly from toppled trees and knocking out power at one point to over 65,000 Islanders.

“It’s such a discouraging thing when you are fighting a battle with Mother Nature,” said Ms Livingstone. “She kind of wins.”

Ms Livingstone said she doesn’t know what the answer would be to protecting the ironic lighthouse in the future.

“I love that old lighthouse and I want it to stay there as long as it can, but my goodness, the whole shore erosion is just bad,” she said. “Certainly those concrete barriers there were effective for normal weather, but not for a hurricane.”

Ms Livingstone said she is glad that the lighthouse and the nearby fishing harbour was spared from the storm.

“It’s going to be quite a challenge to see what happens in the area in between,” she said.

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