This is the time of year when so many of us are on vacation. The number of tourists that stop in for workouts at our gyms is amazing and continues to grow every year. When people are training on a regular schedule they hate to miss a workout so they will incorporate training with their vacations. It is fun for an avid trainer to try out different gyms and equipment. Visiting different gyms is also a great way to meet like minded people who are into the same sport.

However when you are on the road travelling it is not always possible to get your workouts in. There may not be a gym in the area you are visiting or they may not have a day pass or visitor policy. Here is a quick effective workout you can do while you are on the road to maintain your fitness level until you get back to your gym.

These are all body weight moves that work all the major muscle groups.


Walking Lunges. The longer the step the more the glutes and hamstrings are involved. Aim for higher reps if you are in really good shape or carry a heavier object for added resistance.

Full Squats. Try three sets of up to forty repetitions for a real good burn if you are capable of it. Make sure you do not bounce out of the bottom.


If you are camping or outdoors its hard to beat the effectiveness of chin ups. Do them off the bars on a swing set, monkey bars, a sturdy three branch. It is usually possible to find someplace to so this perfect back exercise.

If you have access to a lower bar or branch you can also do a few sets of supine rows which hit the back muscles from a different angle. There back exercises will also involve the shoulder and arm muscles.



Very hard to beat the familiar push up for an all around movement for the chest, shoulders and triceps. Pushups have been around for such a long time because they work. For variation try angled push ups where you elevate your hands on an object to make them easier, or your feet to make them harder.


A great movement for the core is the basic crunch which can be performed anywhere, followed by a few sets of planks.

This is a routine that will hold you over while you are away from the gym and all the gear and variety the gym offers. Have a great vacation and make it an “active “ one!

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