For the second year in a row, residents of the Rev. W.J. Phillips Residence in Alberton were able to enjoy the facility’s annual open house strawberry and ice cream social comfortably inside a large tent.

A portion of the rental cost of the tent was paid through an anonymous donation last year. This year the residence’s Ladies Auxiliary made a $500 donation towards the rental cost of the tent so residents and guests would have a comfortable outdoor place to sit as they enjoyed the festivities.

The July 13 event included musical entertainment and of course, strawberries and ice cream.

Taking place on an overcast Saturday afternoon, having a tent allows the open house to go rain or shine, said Phillips Residence Executive Director Colleen Parker.

“It makes it so much better for our residents and their families to enjoy the event,” she said.

The Rev. W.J. Phillips Residence Ladies Auxiliary formed shortly after the facility opened for residents in 1998.

The auxiliary’s priority in the beginning was to purchase such items as freezers, pots, pans and many other needed household items for the seniors home. But the residence no longer need those type of purchase and the auxiliary’s focus is now on the residents.

“Our main purpose is to provide extras for the residents,” explained auxiliary president Vaunda Richard.

These days the auxiliary provides bingo game prizes and ensure each resident is given a special suitable Christmas gift.

“On Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Canada Day, all those special times, we contributed either a cake or cupcakes or something like that,” said Ms Richard. “I think it’s a joyful thing to see things like that on their special day.”

“They’re always looking for their cupcakes on any special occasions,” said auxiliary member Connie Carpenter about how much the residents enjoy those extra touches.

The auxiliary members also enjoy assisting the residents in attending church services held at the residence every Thursday and make donations toward outings arranged by the residence.

Ms Parker said the Ladies Auxiliary give a lot to help improve the quality of life for their residents and both residents and staff appreciate all the volunteer time and effort the women have given to the Phillips Residence over the years.

The Phillips Residence is non profit and donations of any kind are always welcomed, said Ms Parker.

“To help us to offer affordable housing to seniors and provide care respecting their dignity.”

Ms Parker said residents look forward to events like the open house, where residence staff volunteer their time to help out.

“Today is a good opportunity as a staff to give back to the residents and their families,” she said.

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