Cat Action Team makes a difference

Krista Adams of the Cat Action Team in West Prince holds Kit Kat who was found brown, with a scraped up nose and worms in Cape Wolfe who has since been cleaned up and neutered. Laura Mills photo

The Cat Action Team in West Prince is reapplying for more funding through the PetSmart Charities Grant to help control and protect the feral cat population in the West Prince area.

The Cat Action team is an all volunteer charitable organization that relies on volunteers who have committed their time to humanely trap-neuter-return (TNR) feral cats so they can have a better chance of survival while also attempting to control the feral cat population.

“We had estimated 200 cats for the Tyne Valley and Lennox Island area (when applying for the 2014-2015 grant), we had actually spayed and neutered 192 in that area...We did 105 females and 87 males” said Krista Adams, who is on the board of the Cat Action Team.

Previously in 2014, the Cat Action Team received a grant from PetSmart Charities for $22,500, a grant that was needed in West Prince. The grant went to the spaying or neutering of the stray, barn cat and feral (wild) cat population in the Tyne Valley and Lennox Island area.

Presently, the Cat Action Team is looking to apply for the PetSmart Charities Grant once again that would start in late 2015 which would carry through to later 2016. If given the grant they will be focusing on another area in West Prince where their attention and focus is in need.

That being said, the Cat Action Team will still need to run fundraisers, garage sales and make every effort to raise money that will allow the team to try and maintain control of the feral cat population in the rest of West Prince.

Ms Adams said that calls are made almost daily to the Cat Action Team.

The team often has lists of feral cats that have been reported by residents in the West Prince area who may need to be vaccinated and fixed.

To start the process, Ms Adams said the team calls West Prince Veterinary Service to set up scheduled days that give them enough time to trap the cats and transport them to the clinic where they’ll be neutered or spayed and vaccinated. After being fixed and the cats recovery is completed, the Cat Action Team will drive the cat(s) back to where they picked them up and release them.

Ms Adams explained that aside from keeping the population of feral cats under control, the TNR process also helps protect the feral cats from diseases and possible death.

“We spay and neuter the cats, cause it brings down the population of cats and it brings down the number of cats that are being killed, that are roaming around that don’t belong to anybody. It’s bringing down the number of cats that are repopulating,” said Ms Adams.

Also, Ms Adams said that feral cats who have been fixed and vaccinated by the Cat Action Team are less likely to fight and pass on diseases from one cat to another.

Each cat that’s been fixed and vaccinated by the Cat Action Team will have a tattoo in it’s left ear, which is used to mark that they were tended by both the Cat Action Team and the West Prince Veterinary Service.

Ms Adams said that the West Prince Veterinary Service team is extremely important and that they are highly valued by the Cat Action Team in West Prince.

The Cat Action Team relies on the grant, the assistance of the West Prince Veterinary Service, and community support and donations to allow them to continue their work and help feral cats have a safer and better life when out in the wild.

To help assist them in their efforts there are several ways to support the Cat Action Team in West Prince. Donations of pet carriers of all sizes, blankets, food or monetary donations could assist the Cat Action Team in their efforts. The community can also take part in their Christmas fundraiser this winter which offers the team much needed assistance. The team is also always looking for volunteers and ways to raise money for their charitable organization.

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