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Michelle Arsenault holds up a copy of her latest novel Different Shades of the Same Color. Melissa Heald photo

Canadian author Michelle Arsenault - who goes by the pen name Mima - latest book Different Shades of the Same Color is about a woman who hits her head and suddenly starts seeing the world around her differently.

“It’s kind of a quirky story,” said the Cape Wolfe writer, “There’s a lot of comedy, which I didn’t expect until I started writing it. The comedy just came out.”

A self-publisher, Different Shades of the Same Color is Ms Arsenault’s fifth novel. Writing since she was a kid, Ms Arsenault said it wasn’t until a few years ago she started to take writing more seriously, publishing her first novel in 2010.

“I enjoy it and the process is fun,” said Ms Arsenault about writing then adding with a laugh, “It’s the editing I don’t like.”

The inspiration for Different Shades of the Same Color actually came two years ago after she hit her own head so badly she was knocked unconscious, said Ms Arsenault.

Afterwards, Ms Arsenault said she started to read articles on how sometimes peoples personalities can change after a head injury. For her, Ms Arsenault found she became a lot more concerned about her own health, where in the past, she never really worried about it before.

“I also have a couple of friends who also had head injuries from accidents. I would start asking them if they noticed anything different. It was little things. Even with me, I would forget things, not any major things, but little details. Things I didn’t do before. And maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s just I’m not paying attention, but when I talked to other people they said ‘Yeah, things keep happening to me that never happened before’. It’s hard to explain,” she said.

Then last year Ms Arsenault felt inspired to start writing the story of her main character Natasha Parsons.

“I really didn’t know at first what was going to happen, but I started writing it. I knew something had happened to her and as I started writing Chapter One I realized then she had hit her head,” she said, “If you over plan things, it never works for writing. For me, anyway.”

Ms Arsenault said her current book is a departure from her other novels. Whereas her previous novels had a bit of darker tone, Different Shades of the Same Color is much lighter.

“I really like it. As I was writing it I was kind of like this is different from what I usually do. I think it’s my favourite,” she said.

Ms Arsenault novels are available at all online retailers, including Chapters, Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and more. Visit her website at to learn more about her.

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