KPMG is a giant company that offers audits, tax and advisory services. This company set up tax havens for some of the world’s richest people including Canadians, knowing full well tax evasion is a crime.

KPMG pulled off the same ruse in the USA. In 2005, a congressional committee investigating them had some of their top executives convicted and fined KPMG just under one-half billion dollars for breaking the law.

Wayne Easter, MP from Malpeque, PEI was chosen to chair the Canadian parliamentary committee investigating KPMG’s tax evasion scheme. Previously when Mr. Easter was in the opposition role, he called for a broad inquiry into tax evasion. He was given his chance to champion an inquiry. Mr. Easter’s task was to get to the truth and hold KPMG accountable, as the USA had.

KPMG attempted to shut down the possibility of an inquiry, bent the truth and refused to reply to pertinent questions. Mr. Easter would not overrule lawyers opting to play it safe, thus not exerting his powers as committee chair. The Parliamentary Finance Committee members attempted to get proof and names, but were thwarted in these attempts by Mr. Easter who constantly overruled them. Meantime the Canadian Revenue Agency worked out a sweetheart deal for the rich. The Canadian Judicial Courts Ok’d judges to attend parties in Madrid, Spain, even though KPMG was a host and they might eventually have to investigate them.

The Liberals and Wayne Easter stuck up for only the richest of Canadians. They bowed to KPMG officials.

When asked whether the RCMP would become involved, he suggested no one on his committee had mentioned it? He was chair! The rich got the richer, KPMG walked away scot free and Canadians got the shaft. KPMG is still making a fortune off the backs of Canadians as they still have lucrative contracts with the liberal government.

Gary A O MacKay

Tyne Valley, PEI

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