Thinking on starting a gym this year at New Years? The best think you can bring with you is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Forget all the shortcuts and quick fixes to getting in shape. By getting started wrong the whole process can take longer and be much harder.

Get yourself a good mentor or trainer, get set up on a schedule that suits your current level of fitness and time frame and listen to the advice they give you. Sure you can find any amount of training programs on the Internet or from friends but for every good program I see being executed in the gym I also see an ineffective one. Getting stronger, leaner and increasing energy levels is not simply a matter of throwing a series of exercises and moves together and hoping for the best. Just because your routine is “hard” or makes you sweat does not mean it is as effective as it could be.

There is a reason some people are in great shape year round, year after year. They are practicing effective training methods that keep them engaged. That keeps them hungry for the feeling of a good workout and the results of proven training regimes.

Want to be leaner? Think in terms of changing you metabolism through training. Far better to have a faster metabolism than constantly cutting calories and slowing your metabolism even more.

Want to be stronger? Train for strength. Focus on compound movements and keep the intensity high rather than jumping all over the place with your training routine and take a few sets to momentary muscular failure.

Want more energy? Get stronger, get leaner plus train fast enough and in a repetition range that gives you some wicked muscle pumps and an elevated heart rate. This type of training along with reasonable nutrition with give you an abundance of energy.

Want training longevity? Listen to you body as you train. Be aware of minor aches and pains that come from daily activity and living and adjust your training accordingly. Train hard, train smart, take time for recuperation, train around minor injuries and stay strong and flexible. The four components of fitness are strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility. All four can be achieved and maintained with well thought out proper training.

Being fit enhances all aspects of you life. It’s not hard to attain. It’s probably harder to sort through the multitudes of information that is out there dealing with exercise and nutrition and discarding what is useless and keeping what is tried and true.

Happy New Year. Much success with your fitness goals and my wish for you is that this time next year you will have achieved your goals and will still be at it.

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