“We received the following from a correspondent at Miminigash, P.E.I, yesterday (21 August 1879): At Miminigash, on the 16th day of August, as Matthew McDonald and James Doyle, two men in the employ of E. G. Fuller, were hauling their trawls and observed an unusual commotion on the water near them.

“Is that a squall?” said Doyle.

“Great heavens!” exclaimed McDonald as the line he was hauling took a sudden surge and parted a hook, tearing his hand from one side to the other, and a large form arose from the sea twenty feet out of the water!” - The Examiner, August 22, 1879.

“Quick with the sails, Jim!” cried McDonald, and the two terrified men spread their canvas in a hurry.

McDonald gave the helm to Doyle who. crouching down in the after berth, barely showed his head, while McDonald, rather the cooler of the two, quickly improvised a sort of spear out of a long knife, which he lashed to an oar.

He describes the fish as sort of a snake, striped yellow and white, and a mouth as large as the open end of a puncheon, and each time it raised out of the water it uttered a roar like the bellowing of a bull. As the boat, with twice as much sail as was consistent with safety, was flying before the still southwest breeze, the monster followed in their wake.

McDonald thought to pacify it with fish, as it was doubtless enraged by being torn by the trawl hooks, so he commenced throwing hake, with which the boat was partly loaded, to the monster, who greedily devoured them.

Nearing the shore, they crossed a lobster trawl of Mr. Belyea, and the monster fouled and parted it, half filling the boat at work on it with water. This seemed to infuriate it, and raising itself in the air, it made a rush for the boat.

McDonald says he thought it was all up with him, but he kept cool, and raising his improvised harpoon struck the monster in the eye, driving the oar clear through its head, and breaking the knife in the wound. With a roar of pain, it sank out of sight, reddening the water around with its blood.

Doyle says he counted twelve sharp fins on it, each surmounted with a sort of horn, and both men say the fish was 200 feet long.

Today, while repairing their broken line, they took off one of the kooks a large tuft of yellow hair attached to a piece of skin resembling pig skin, which may be seen at Mr. Fuller’s establishment at Miminigash.

Crew of Miminigash fishing boat capsized in gale, 1886

A fishing boat belonging to Joseph Gallant of Miminigash, P.E.I., managed by Peter Perry and his son, about fifteen years of age, and Lucien Peters and Joseph Blanchard, was capsized by the Gale of September 13, 1886, about eight o’clock in the evening, over one mile from the shore. It was reported that on hearing the cries for help three seine boats put out to relieve the unfortunate crew, but as the wind was dead ahead and the night dark, they would probably not have arrived in time to save them all. Fortunately, Jerome Pince, the seining master for the firm of Gallant Bros., was just coming to in the basin. He manned his seine boat and set out, and, guided by the cries of the sufferers, succeeded in rescuing them.

Stray bull found, Royal Gazette, February 11, 1865

Miminigash - A stray bull, about two years old, born last spring, red with white face and legs, and having some white under the neck, two slits in the left ear, and a small piece out of the right ear, has been on the premises of Richard Mokeler since mid-October last year (1865). If not claimed, and all expenses paid on or before Monday, March 5th next (1866), the said bull will be sold at auction on that day, at the hour of 11 o’clock in the forenoon, at Mr. Mokeler’s barn - an order having been obtained from a Justice of the Peace for that purpose.

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