Anyone who trains wants the best results possible. We train for the enjoyment of training when we have been at it long enough to appreciate it, but we all want results. There are many different ways to train and there are also extreme variations in the amount of time that can be spent training.

I put the question out there on a few social media sites “how many hours do you exercise per week” and as expected there was a huge variance in the amount of time people spend exercising. Ranging from a couple of hours a week up to over twenty. So which gives maximum results?

First off, being in the gym for an hour does not always mean you trained for an hour. If you are weight training with reasonable intensity you should be getting 15-20 sets in per hour. Taking an exercise to fatigue and allowing for recovery takes time in between so this would be a reasonable amount of straight sets. If you are doing less you better be training solely for strength or there is a good chance you are going too slow. You are at the gym an hour but you are not exercising for an hour. Keeping the pace, reps and volume up will give you adequate levels of strength, endurance and cardio-vascular health if done right. Factor in training full range of motion with the exercises and you will stay flexible too.

The most important elements in your training are consistency and efficiency. Consistency is easier to maintain when you keep the mind wanting to train. Don’t get over zealous and surpass the amount of time you actually enjoy training. If you truly like to train twenty hours a week and have the time to do it, go for it. You can probably achieve the same results in less than half that time but if you like twenty hours and you don’t burn out or over train that’s fine. Because someone you know is training more hours than you does not mean you have to follow to get the same results. We all have different tolerances and life styles and you have to find what works for you. Train just enough to get results and stay hungry and no more. Lose the hunger and you will surely stop training.

So train hard, train smart, train efficiently, enjoy the results and find what works best for you. It’s and endless learning process!

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