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The tax rate in Alberton will be staying the same, as per the proposed operating budget for the town’s 2020-2121 financial year.

For non-commercial properties, the rate will remain at 56 cents for each $100 taxable value assessment, while the rate for commercial properties remains at $1.05 for each $100 taxable value assessment.

Assessments for properties, however, has changed.

“The assessment last year for non-commercials for $48,090,300, as compared to this year, we’re $49,715,600.00, so we’ve gone up a bit there,” said Councillor Blair Duggan, chair of the finance committee. “Commercial has also gone up from $6,296,400 to $6,386,700 this year. That gave us about $9,000 more in revenue from the taxes.”

Councillor Duggan went through the proposed budget over a Zoom meeting with Mayor David Gordon, other councillors, and interested members of the public on May 14.

The town’s operating budget has increased from 2019. Last year’s budget was $804,000, compared to the roughly $924,000 for this year.

Expenditures for the town are as follows: $190,000 for fire protection, $219,000 for general government, $139,516 for police protection, and $374,838.71 for public property, parks and recreation.

The budget has also included an estimation of $50,000 in revenue for lot sales at the new Emma Drive Subdivision. Right now though, it’s hard to say if the COVID-19 pandemic will have any kind of impact on potential revenue for the town like lot sales.

“One thing that may be affected will be what we’re guesstimating for our summer program registrations (though the recreation department), we don’t know what know what it’s going to be,” Coun. Duggan concluded. “That should also match up with expenditures to run the summer programs. It basically looked after itself.”

This was just a proposed budget. Council has until May 31 to pass their 2020-2121 operating budget.

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