Unionvale resident Eva Rodgerson and the general manager of Castle O’Leary Building Centre J.D. Sullivan stand outside the newly renovated building on the property next door to where Ms Rodgerson lives. The property has been in the hands of various owners over the years, but recently has been vacant. Debris that had accumulated on the land was hauled away by Mr Sullivan and his staff after they purchased the property back in August. Melissa Heald photo

The view from Eva Rodgerson’s kitchen window has changed for the better thanks to a local business.

For the last 56 years, the Unionvale resident has been living next door to a four acre property on the O’Leary Road (Route 142).

She said over the decades the land has been in the hands of numerous owners, supporting various businesses, but in the last few years the property had been vacant.

As a result of being in so many various hands over the years and businesses leaving stuff behind, a large amount of debris had accumulated on the land.

“It wasn’t looking good,” said Ms Rodgerson.

This past August, the property was purchased by Castle O’Leary Building Centre. The business immediately began cleaning up the land by hauling away tons of debris and began renovating the large garage building on the property.

“There was a lot of garbage and a lot of scrap metal,” said General Manager J.D. Sullivan.

Finishing work on the property in November, the building was insulated, rewired, with new windows and doors installed and new siding placed on the exterior.

Mr Sullivan said they have received a lot of positive feedback from residents in the area, like Ms Rodgerson, on cleaning up the property.

“Every bit of it looks like it’s new,” said Ms Rodgerson. “The truck loads of debris they hauled out of here was just amazing… To live next door and to live in this community for that many years, it’s been a real bright light.”

Mr Suillivan said a portion of the building will be rented out and will be used for future plans for the business down the road.

“It’s nice to hear from people that they were happy,” said Mr Sullivan, adding Castle O’Leary Building Centre has received a lot of support from the community since opening seven years ago in O’Leary.

Ms Rodgerson said she is amazed that Mr Sullivan and his business took on such a huge project.

“I just thought this would make a real good news story for any community, for someone moving in and just really making a big difference,” she said.

Ms Rodgerson said her Christmas gift came early this year.

“For me, it’s just been tremendous for someone in this community and as a neighbour.”

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